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"Back" by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson

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Nov. 11th, 2009 | 12:47 pm

They ask me where I’ve been,
And what I’ve done and seen.
But what can I reply
Who know it wasn’t I,
But someone, just like me,
Who went across the sea
And with my head and hands
Slew men in foreign lands …
Though I must bear the blame
Because he bore my name.

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(no subject)

from: tkn1114
date: Nov. 13th, 2009 06:12 am (UTC)

how telling of LJ land that there is no comment here. So I comment. I'm also supportive. But I comment.

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(no subject)

from: stivalineri
date: Nov. 13th, 2009 05:41 pm (UTC)

arktos62 posted a Wilfred Owen's "Anthem for Doomed Youth" and caestus shared Owen's Dulce et Decorum Est, and low_fat_muffin told about his experience as a submariner and how terrible those years were for him, and many people commented about how we don't talk about bad it can be to be a veteran. We expect people to emote solemn gratitude for service rendered tot he country, but not to question that there should have been a need for that service in a pointless war, or to wonder at an economic system that makes military service the only way out for poor kids. And since people don't want to think hard about what being a veteran really means, the cycle just repeats over and over.

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from: tkn1114
date: Nov. 14th, 2009 05:33 am (UTC)

that's my film.

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